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Geophysical Surveys

Our surveys can assist in the design and execution stages prior to rig moves and the emplacement of offshore infrastructure such as hydrocarbon production facilities, pipeline routes, offshore wind farms and other civil engineering projects. Utilising survey vessels from our global fleet, many of which are purpose-built and designed for efficient and integrated operations, we acquire multi-disciplinary and complimentary data sets in a single mobilisation.

A geophysical survey is a subsurface investigation that uses electromagnetic technology and radar to locate and identify underground anomalies. For instance, a geophysical survey company can delineate the extent of underground storage tanks (USTs) and backfill excavations without any digging or drilling. These scientists use a combination of electromagnetic induction, magnetometry, and ground-penetrating radar (GPR), along with utility locators and line tracing devices to study the subsurface. And data from a geophysical survey can help geologists determine the extent of recognizable environmental conditions underground. As a result, the findings help optimize soil contamination testing reports. In fact, many Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessments include a geophysical survey. Updated July 15, 2020.

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